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Focus Post: Char Custom Rick Dom

The Char Custom red Rick Dom first appeared in the Gundam novelization but its most famous appearance is in the Gihren no Yabou (Gihren’s Greed or Ambition if you prefer it) series of games, thus the Master Grade box of the kit proudly displays the game’s logo.  It was also available as an unlockable extra in the PS1 game of Char’s Counterattack after clearing Battle Mode.

Over the years various merchandise has been made for this special mobile suit.


* A Master Grade kit available in both normal and metallic coating.

* A High Grade kit set that also includes the G3 Gundam, referencing the novel adaptation and a 2007 special edition metallic coating version of just the Rick Dom.

* An expensive HY2M Glorious Series kit (equivalent to a Perfect Grade) in both normal and metallic coating. This kit also lights up!

* An appearance in Bandai’s Zeongraphy line and Fusion Works line.

* A HCM Pro figure in the special painted edition.

* Numerous Gashapons, small figures and keychains.

* A rare Hyper Hobby Mobile Suit in Action figure that will cost you a pretty penny to own. Interestingly this is of a normal Dom, not a Rick Dom…

* A Gundam DX Figure.

* A very cute plush toy :D

I’m sure there’s more but that’s what I’ve seen in my shopping travels.

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